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Tending the Spectrum is an event series designed for high functioning young adults on the autism spectrum. Each six week event series provides opportunities for socialization, networking and skill building.

Events are divided by age 13-17 and 18-22.

Each weekly event is themed (see below) and the six week series concludes with a culmination activity.

Participants meet Sundays for 2-3 hrs with a built in 30 minute free socializing time.

Each group has a maximum of 15 participants

Refreshments will be served all event materials provided

Arts and Crafts


Week One

Participants will spend time listening to music while decorating a useable piece of artwork i.e.; canvas tote bag, water bottle, plant pot, etc.



Week Four

Participants will have an opportunity to learn public speaking tips and tricks and practice their skills through an opportunity to participate in a show and tell style personal narrative.

Kneading Dough


Week Two

Participants will spend time learning a skill i.e.; baking bread, smoothie making, juicing, gardening, etc

Group Planting a Tree


Week Five

Participants will complete a community service activity chosen by the group.

tuning forks.jpg


Week Three

Participants will learn about the variety of tending techniques offered by tended.

Image by Adi Goldstein


Week Six

Participants will complete a culmination activity that celebrates all of their experiences over the six weeks.

No upcoming events at the moment
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