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On God 1.4

Are we predetermined?

Yes. But no, but yes.

The arch of the moral universe bends towards justice. What it comes down to is style, personality and how you choose to live and what you choose to do. In you individuality is God's will and glory. He knew what failures you'd have and he knew which demons you'd become familiar with. In becoming familiar with those demons and overcoming them, you create a roadmap for others

God is sovereign and this is just Earth; a creation, not where your spirit calls home. We must not fall away from the will and ways of God by melding with the Earth and it's principalities. That is a choice that is simply not worth it. The things of the world are carbon based. From ashes they come and to ashes they will go. (Genesis 3:19) We must choose to give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is God's by devoting our spirit to God while we walk this Earth.(Luke 23:46, Psalm 31:5) We must do this despite the call from other created things; people, ideas; the World and it's Principalities. We cannot follow them as they were created and will be destroyed. Instead follow God to eternal salvation.

Follow God and FEAR (revere, worship in awe) GOD for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. You don't want God to be absent from you for all of eternity. Think of the times when you turned from God and walked without him. How was the quality of your life?

You want a place in Heaven. A place set apart, by Jesus for only you. Whether you are close to his heart at the end or Jesus says he does not know you, (or worse NEVER knew you); the end remains the same.

Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. (Phillipians 2:9-11)

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