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On God 1.3

Marriage is the earthly reflection of the triune God.

God (Father) being the Spark; the Holy Spirit (Mother) being the kindling; the wood and hearth; and the Son being the Lamp, harnessing and amplifying the Spark and taking it into dark places and bringing the light.

The Husband is supposed to lead the family, create the direction for the household; while following the will and gifts given to him from God (spark). He then seeks a woman with the help and confirmation of her family and his, then she decides if this mans "Spark" is worth kindling.

Then the woman kindles his fire, makes a home that is restorative and allows for creation and healing, then the sons that are born into that household take that Spark from God and that Love and maintenance from the Holy Spirit and they become a Lamp for the world.

In Revelation it says that Jesus is the Lamp in New Jerusalem.

I just had a refining of this revelation while I typed. Spirit said, the holy Spirt hones the Glory of God into a package that man can deal with.

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