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On God 1.2

Ephesians 6:4

Parent Child Relationships Pt. 1

My father was always away.

On a summer trip to Detroit I resented that he left us in the care of whomever.

I was blessed because my mother allowed the Holy Spirit to work through her. My mother embodied a spirit of righteous Love. She sustained us and pointed us in the right direction, even as she fought her own battles. Her love and lessons sustained me through life's spiritually tumultuous times.

A mother's love is typically heavy on emotion, intuition, and spiritual matters.

My mother became familiar with the sin of this world at a young age because she was neither tended nor governed, until she accepted Christ towards the end of her life. Thankfully, as she grew in Christ, she left breadcrumbs for me. In her illness and emotional brokenness she found Christ. I was baptized with my mother and brother. In a final letter she asked me to develop a relationship with God. My father, as he should have long ago, began to walk me down the path to Christ from a prison cell.

A father's love is typically heavy on worldly practicality and/or logic

My fathers demons kept him away physically but I always knew he loved us and believed in us. His answer to us was always yes and amen when it came to worldly things. He was and is willing to help us to develop any idea and manifest our reality. In the same letter I was told to find God, I was told to forgive my father because de didn’t know, he is just a man, a fellow deceived being. My father walked me to God from a federal prison, where he is wrestling with the face of God.

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