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On God 1.0

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Through this blog I hope to build a community of Holy Spirit thinkers. I will post revelation and ideas that have come to me while waiting in prayer. My hope is that others will weigh in and we will come to know God greater. Please feel free to leave comments and questions below.

For now, I will simply post to this blog as a stream of consciousness. A related word of God will always accompany. I will post on Thursdays at 7pm.

Ephesians 5:21

Male and Female relationships Pt 1

Man is set to tend to mother Earth as a husband ought to tend to his wife in marriage.

Man is called to hone the potential of the wild, potent, giver of human life on Earth.

All nations can be nurtured in a woman but a man can only propagate for one nation.

All of mankind comes from one womb.

Father God holds us accountable for the sins of our Fathers till the fourth generation. A father is responsible for his seed. Like a gardener to a young food forest, man must tend to and purpose his seed as well as the land that he plants into. He is to design the course of the food forest asking himself, how many people must it feed? What should I plant and where? How long before it must yield? Who will help me to grow it?

Similarly, a man should be thinking on these things when choosing his helping wife.


Man directs, and governs eternal potential, as he is made in God's image.

Man (humanity) is called to create order from chaos.

Woman is called to manifest the directives created by her man, and also challenge the ability of order to be sustained by examining his ideas and being a thought partner. Before they can both begin the process on imparting order on the coming generation.

In the garden woman created the knowledge of what it means to choose good vs evil. Adam experienced his choices/governance challenged for the first time in Eden; the challenge that Eve presented once she had fallen into doubt.

Through marriage woman consents to direction of her potential. As both are equal and inseparable.

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