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Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Genesis 2:18

Male and Female relationships Pt 2

God's Design for Kingdom Missions

Marriage is the idea that Man and Woman stand on a foundation of Christ's style and definition of Love, shaped renewed and changed by the presence of the Holy Spirit Mother, under the authority of Father God.

Modern Marriage must stand on the foundation that is Christ's perfect Love. This Love exemplifies the relationship God intended to have when he created man in Eden. This Love is exemplified in His giving of the fortifying Holy Spirit.

Without the gifts of the Spirit, modern man cannot build a kingdom at home, maintain a nation, or work on behalf of the Kingdom of YHWH.

A man will not have a happy and fruitful marriage if he is not anchored in his purpose as defined by God.

If he is not anchored in the Word, the woman, life force, created perfectly from him, for him, and with him (according to the Bible), cannot be controlled (harnessed) and will not yield fruits. Adam was not anchored in the precise word of God which led to the fall Genesis 2:16-17 & 3:3.

Woman must be sure to yoke with a man who strives for truth and understanding of the Word. It is unsafe to yield to an ungoverned man and causes much grief. An immoral ungoverned person is interested in self and NOT partnership. An ungoverned person does not understand that they NEED partnership to complete His Kingdom purposes.

An ungoverned man does not respect feminine energy and power.

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