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Acupressure is amore accessible cousin to acupuncture. It allows you to tap into to the same energetic points as acupuncture, without the years of training.

In my own journey, I pursued my knowledge of each point based on an ailment I was facing. For example, when dealing with indigestion I use shoulder finger sternum. 

When exploring acupressure I  recommend two things
1) try MULTIPLE points for one ailment, (you may prefer on to another because of effectiveness, comfort or any number of reasons.)
2) attempt to apply pressure when you’re actively feeling the pain. (That will help you to understand the effectiveness of the method for treating acute as well as chronic pains.)


Acupressure points are specific and require guidance (through a book or video) and time to explore that point on YOUR body. 

If specific points aren't your thing, acupressure mats can provide excellent overall body treatments and can even be used to reduce cellulite. 

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